Blues Traveler: LIVE AND ACOUSTIC FALL OF 1997 [Double Vinyl LP + Custom Turntable Mat]

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Blues Traveler “Live and Acoustic: Fall of 1997” is a selection of many of the highlights from the legendary tour 25 years ago that produced the only acoustic sets John, Chan, Brendan, and Bobby ever played on tour.

This 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Double LP with a custom vinyl turntable mat features some of the band’s best-known material, including classics such as “Run-Around,” “But Anyway,” and “The Mountains Win Again.” as well as many deeper cuts from their catalog.

These previously unheard and uncirculated tracks are remastered from the original 2-track soundboard recordings for the ultimate Blues Traveler live and acoustic experience.    

In October 1997, Blues Traveler played two completely acoustic all-star shows to benefit Neil Young’s Bridge School. The band loved how the material came across in this format and decided to incorporate mini acoustic sets between their 1st and 2nd electric sets on the epic Fall Tour of 1997.

This release not only marks the 25th Anniversary of those sets but brings them to you on Limited Edition Colored Vinyl with a custom rad vinyl turntable mat. The band is very excited for everyone to hear!! 

Side A)
  1. But Anyway 
  2. Price to Pay 
  3. Love of My Life 

Side B)

  1. 100 Years 
  2. Sweet Pain 
  3. Runaround

Side C)  

  1. Alone
  2. Low Branch
  3. Alone Pt II

Side D) 

  1. Hook
  2. Mountains Win Again
  3. Featherhead
  4. Optimistic Thought

 Label: Brooklyn Bob's/Experience Vinyl