Rare Bird True Literary Publishing + Daughters of Darkness Limited Edition Bundle

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Rep the greatest publishing house to ever exist and get the added bonus of whatever discounted Daughters of Darkness merch you didn't get last time. 

The precious supply is dwindling and we're only doing ONE batch of this iconic Rare Bird tee...

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-Rare Bird tee + 'Trina' Daughters of Darkness tee + Standard Edition of Daughters of Darkness

-Rare Bird tee + Daughters of Darkness hoodie + Standard Edition of Daughters of Darkness

-Rare Bird tee + 'Trina' Daughters of Darkness tee



Daughters of Darkness is a collection of fine art portraits of women in corpse paint. A nod to black metal and doom album cover art, Daughters of Darkness was photographed over 10+ years, with more than 400 models from all over the world, almost all of which did their own corpse paint and are fans of black metal. Daughters of Darkness features many celebrities, actresses, musicians, and models (some under the cover of corpse painted anonymity) all of whom donned only corpse paint for this book. Photographed by internationally renowned music and fine art photographer Jeremy Saffer, this project combines both his music photography and fine art photography worlds into a single project, which was conceived to capture the memory of flipping though albums in a music store and buying albums based entirely on the albums cover art (which often featured a nude portrait, someone in corpse paint, or both) prior to knowing the music or the band. Like the music that inspired it, Daughters of Darkness shows the duality of finding beauty in dark imagery, and finding darkness within beauty.