Righteous Rebels: AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Crusade to Change the World [Revised Edition] by Patrick Range McDonald

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In a riveting portrait of the world’s largest HIV/AIDS medical-care provider, award-winning journalist Patrick Range McDonald reveals AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s unlikely rise from a feisty grassroots organization during the height of 1980s AIDS crisis to its position today as a global leader in the fight to control HIV and AIDS. This untold story highlights AHF’s bold history of activism, its hard-charging advocacy on the behalf of vulnerable people, and its heroic efforts to provide free HIV drug treatment around the world. With insider access, McDonald follows AHF for a year as it clashes with the Obama administration, the state of Nevada, and the World Health Organization. He interviews AHF’s key players, including firebrand president Michael Weinstein, and travels to AHF outposts around the globe. Along the way, McDonald discovers that AHF is a tenacious “people power” organization that brings hope and change to nearly all corners of the world.