We Loved the World But Could Not Stay by Gary Lippman

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“I write stories that are only one sentence long,” I explain to you as I plant this book like a time-bomb in your public library, “because imperfection is easier to tolerate in small doses.”


With unparalleled wit and wisdom, Gary Lippman’s We Loved the World But Could Not Stay is a collection of intricately constructed single-sentence stories that chronicles the outrageous and the everyday with insight and empathy, all while reimagining and reorganizing the very concept of the story and the basic building blocks of our language.


“I love short stories and these are the shortest ones I’ve ever read.  And yet they have all the elements of my favorite shorts—amazing characters, compelling situations and beautiful cliffhangers.”

Laurie Anderson, multi-media artist


We Loved the World But Could Not Stay: Gary Lippman’s title alone feeds a reader with twenty-three times more intrigue than most of the recent novels in a big city bookstore combined.  And just wait until you pilot your brain boat into these uncharted literary waters.  Inflate your life vest, say a little prayer, and enjoy the ride.”

Tom RobbinsEven Cowgirls Get the Blues


“A thing of beauty, this book.  The concern might be that in setting such a rigid and economic boundary, a limiting might occur.  The opposite is true for Gary Lippman.  In his constraint he has found an explosive creativity and a greater imagination that certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Wondrous stuff.”

Matthew Rhys, actor, The Americans and Perry Mason