Architects of Self-Destruction [book and zine bundle] by John Gentile and Brad Logan

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An oral history in the vein of Please Kill MeOur Band Could Be Your Life,
and Can't Stop Won't Stop

Leftöver Crack is a band of drug abusing, dumpster diving, cop-hating, queer positive, pro-choice, crust punks that successfully blend ska-punk, pop, hip-hop and death metal genres. They've been banned from clubs, states and counties and kicked off multiple record labels. They’ve received teen-idol adoration and death threats from their fans. They’ve played benefits for a multitude of causes while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

But, if you dig below the crusty, black metal-patch encased surface, you'll find a contemplative, nuanced band that, quite literally, permanently changed the punk rock community. By combining catchy ska-punk with lyrics that referenced political theorist Michael Parenti, drug usage, and suicide, the band formed a unique mélange that was both provocative and challenging. In fact, the band’s hooks were so sharp that after releasing their debut LP, Mediocre Generica, an entire culture of “Crack City Rockers” grew around the band, pushing the youth towards both the positive and negative aspects of extreme punk rock.

Of course, being the combustible band that they are, the band has gotten involved in its far share of fiascoes: full-scale riots in Phoenix and NYC, getting punched out by their own fans, showing up to tour Florida with machetes after receiving death threats from the local gang.

Architects of Self-Destruction: An Oral History of Leftöver Crack traces the band's entire history by speaking to the band members themselves, fellow musicians, their fans, and of course, those that still hold a grudge against the LoC... FYI, that's a lot of people.

Brad Logan is a guitarist and writer from Southern California. He was the founder and guitarist for the hardcore punk band F-Minus and currently plays guitar in anarcho-punks Leftöver Crack, and bass with first-wave legends The Adolescents. Logan has spent his life in underground music scnes, and on tour as a roadie, musician, and loiterer. He's worked at record labels, venues, nightclubs, DIY spaces, and waded through toxic, medical waste as an assistant plumber. Currently, he runs an occult pet accessory company called HellHounds with his wife, artist Kristen Ferrell.

John Gentile is a Philadelphia freelance writer. His work has been featured in publications including Rolling Stone, Vice, and MTV. He is also the features editor at He can read Egyptian Hieroglyphics.