Simpsonistas Vol. 2 edited by Joseph Di Prisco

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Simpsonistas: Tales from the Simpson Literary Project, Vol. 2 highlights brilliant work by associates of the Simpson Project: Joyce Carol Oates, Anthony Marra, Laila Lalami, Sigrid Nunez, and many others, including Simpson Fellows as well as young writers appearing for the first time in print.

Simpsonistas is the inaugural anthology of the Simpson Project, which is committed to the proposition that storytelling is the foundation of a literate society:

The Simpson Literary Project promotes storytellers and storytelling across the generations, and across a tremendous spectrum: from incarcerated young men and women to high school-age students to distinguished mid-career authors to internationally celebrated writers. Simpson Fellows from UC Berkeley lead workshops for fledgling writers, and the annual Simpson Prize Recipient receives an award of $50,000 in support of a burgeoning career. Joyce Carol Oates is the current Simpson Project Writer-in-Residence at the Lafayette (CA) Public Library, where she works with librarians, teachers, college and high school students, and the broader communities.