God of Sperm [signed] by Joe Donnelly with Cappy Rothman

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Expected release date is Dec 5th 2022

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God of Sperm tells the remarkable story of Dr. Cappy Miles Rothman, the son of notorious gangster Norman "Roughhouse" Rothman,  who went on to become a trailblazer in the field of reproductive medicine. 

Rothman started the California Cryobank, one of the world's largest repositories of reproductive genetic material and cord-blood stem cells. Among other achievements, Rothman also pioneered the use of microsurgery in urological procedures, postmortem sperm retrieval techniques,and was one of the first practitioners of andrology, a specialty dealing with male reproductive biology and medicine. 

How Cappy Rothman went from Mafia scion and man-about-town during the postwar Miami Beach—Havana era of gangster chic to one of the most consequential figures in modern medicine is an epic, only-in-America tale that and also a fine reminder of the broad horizons and wild possibilities life in the U.S. can offer.