Rock 'n' Roll Homicide by Trading Aces

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Black Vinyl—Standard US Edition

Red Vinyl—Limited UK/EU Tour Edition

Comprised of musicians spanning three different countries, Trading Aces is a four-piece band of rock ‘n’ roll outlaws obsessed with fast cars, hard drinkin’, breakin’ laws, and breakin’ hearts. Featuring members of Warrior Soul, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, and The City Kids, The Aces met during the pandemic, hustlin’ music to survive while the world froze. Their sound is a mix of hard rock, punk, and old school heavy metal, laced with plenty of hooks and spilling over with volume and attitude. Think Wildhearts meets Social Distortion. Think Cheap Trick meets Judas Priest. Think AC/DC meets Hanoi Rocks. And Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide is their blood-and-beer-soaked debut album that, quite simply, RULES.