Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop by Paul Myers and S. W. Lauden

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Fun, bright, and playful, Power Pop is a sometimes adored, sometimes maligned, often misunderstood genre of music. From its heyday in the seventies and eighties to its resurgence in the nineties and aughts, Power Pop has meant many things to many people. In Go All The Way, today's best and brightest writers go deep on what certain Power Pop bands and songs mean and have meant to them. Whether they love or hate it, Go All The Way is a dive into the Beatles-inspired pop rock of the last five decades.


Heather Havrilesky on Blondie
Carrie Courogen on Liz Phair
Michael Chabon on Big Star
Jeff Rougvie on Cheap Trick
David Yaffe on XTC
Kate Sullivan on Jeff Lynne and ELO
Dylan Champion on Guided By Voices
Joe Clifford on The Hold Steady
David Bash on His So-Called (Power Pop) Life
Justin Fielding on The Road to Power Pop
Paul Myers on Sloan
Jeff Whalen on Power Pop as Beatles Obsession
S. W. Lauden on Fountains of Wayne
Ira Elliot on Putting the Pow! in Power Pop
Rex Weiner on September Gurls
Marko DeSantis on Surrender
Ken Sharp on The Secret Power Pop History of KISS's Paul Stanley
Tom Petty on The Strange Magic of Jeff Lynne (as told to Ken Sharp)
John M. Borack on The Women of Power Pop
Dave Holmes on Tommy Keene
Daniel Brummel on Weezer
Nancy Rommelmann on Analog Anthems
Allison Anders on Nick Lowe's Pub Rock Roots
Annie Zaleski on How Jelly Fish Changed the Game
Chris Holm on The Brainy Power Pop of Allan Carl Newman
Scott Miller excerpts from Music: What Happened?
Kurt Baker on Pop Punk to Power Pop